ABU DHABI is the capital of The United Arab Emirates (UAE), but as it is with capital cities, it’s a calmer city in comparison to its famous brother DUBAI.
Luxury is the middle name for these Arabs, they own the best cars and wear the most expensive clothing. You think people are flexing in Nigeria wait till you visit UAE.
I was in Dubai for a few days but decided to take a day trip to Abu Dhabi to see what the city had to offer. In particular, I was excited to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in person.


I booked a trip with a tour company it cost me 480 Dirhams ($130), the tour company informed me that since I was heading to the mosque I’ll have to show up is something that covers me properly and an abaya if I had one.
On the day of the trip, I ended up being the only passenger, so I had the car to myself, upon arrival in Abu Dhabi we went straight to the mosque. Don’t fret if you do not own an abaya because the mosque has made available abayas for its visitors.

abu dhabi

This mosque is breathtaking and makes a good photo location for a blogger were my first thoughts. The mosque is clad in perfect white marble tiles and gold accents, the attention to details makes the 11 years construction period worth it. There’s enough space to accommodate over 40,000 worshippers. Bear in mind that this is a religious ground for our Muslim brothers and sisters and it would be greatly appreciated if we obeyed their rules before stepping on the holy ground. You’ll be required to take off your shoes, speak in hush tones and certain parts of the mosque would be closed off to the general public.


My next point of call was the Emirates Grand Palace Hotel, and I’m sure you are wondering why a hotel well this hotel happens to be the former palace of the King of Abu Dhabi and the president of UAE. If you ever want to live like a king this is the place to visit. A room here might run you $25,000, so if you ever give them a visit, please let me know.

dubai marina

I also went to the ABU DHABI Marina which was very picturesque and would make a great spot to sit and clear your mind. Overall Abu Dhabi was a lovely city to visit, and I’ll encourage anyone visiting the UAE to take the day trip to ABU DHABI.
Here is a vlog with more details of the activities I did in the first few days of my trip.

Author: Vannie Beee

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