As most of you know, I’ve been in Nigeria for the last month, and it’s been great to be home for this long. I decided to visit Lagos to see friends and family. I took you guys along with me for an exciting excursion to Lekki Conservation center and a foodie trip to Nok by Alara and a visit to my old home in Lagos.
At Lekki conservation centre it was beautiful to see animals in their natural habitat in the middle of Lagos, Lagos is the busiest city in Nigeria and often referred to as the New York City of Nigeria. So you know that seeing wildlife will be a rear occurrence. I got attacked by the monkeys, I walked the longest skywalk in Africa, meet new people and overall had a good workout while enjoying nature.

I also visited one of Lagos most acclaimed restaurant “NOK BY ALARA” I must say the decor is everything, the vibe is on point, and importantly the food was excellent.
Lekki conservation centre Nok by alara

My cousin and I ordered the Jollof Rice and Danbu Nama, Jerk Chicken wings, Goat Meat Sliders. We also had the tiger nut drink and hibiscus lemonade which were equally lovely.
I realized that Nok had two restaurants (GARDEN AND INDOOR) and their menus are different. A member of staff told me that professional cameras were not allowed on their property due to their kind of “clientele.” This statement was funny because I wondered how all the bloggers took their amazing pictures. I’ll go back to Nok again just because the menu is very different and not what I’m used to getting at restaurants.

Watch my Vlog below for all the full details of my day.

Author: Vannie Beee

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