I’m no stranger to Washington D.C as i’ve visited quite a number of times. D.C is such a tourist destination because there are so many activities to make your time in the city worth it. On this particular trip I was looking to relax and do as little sightseeing as possible. If you are in the area make sure you take advantage of the free museums and memorials, we don’t have those in Canada. I couldn’t get into the Museum of African American History but i ended up visiting the Newseum and some old favourites.

National Harbour

I love the National Harbour because i can sit by the water and just get lost in my thoughts. Its a meditation zen for me. The ferris wheel is another major attraction, it has amazing views of the city. You must try this if you happen to visit the National Harbour

I had no intentions on visiting any museum as previously stated but it turned out to be an interesting trip as it took me on the journey of how media outlets reported most of the big events that have happened across the globe. I also got to see relics of the Berlin wall.

Washington D.C was good to me as always, great architecture, amazing people, good food and most importantly great time with family.

Author: Vannie Beee

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