Bariga Sugar is a 21 minute short emotional short film written by Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo. This short film had my attention from the moment I saw the trailer, and I most say I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got the chance to view the short film.
Bariga Sugar tells the story of Jamil who moved into a brothel in Bariga with his mother. There he meets Ese who later becomes his friend.

The team behind Bariga Sugar did an okay job with the production quality of this movie. Cinematography and audio quality are average.

The storyline can bring out different emotions in the viewer, at one point you are happy and next thing you know you are sad. The storyline focuses on the beauty and importance of friendships, and I believe it was well communicated to the viewers.The stigma that comes with being the child of a female escort is also explored.

Kudos to Halimat Olarenwaju (Ese) and Tunde Azeez (Jamil) these children did a beautiful interpretation of their roles. The cast did a great job, great acting from Tina Mba and Gregory Ojefua as usual.

Bariga Sugar is a must watch, let me know your thoughts if you have watched it.


Author: Vannie Beee

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