A couple of weeks ago REDTV launched a new series titled Our Best Friend’s Wedding #OBFW. On seeing the trailer I was very excited because I’m here for all the creatives trying to put a mark in the industry and raise the standard.
The series is a rom-com about a young man who panics and buys a wedding ring. He then decides to enlist the help of his two female best friends to help him go through a list of potential candidates which sets off a spiral of events. I’ll start off by saying the major characters in this series are played by On-Air Personalities is there a reason?

The production and cinematography of this series is flawless. The picture quality is crisp, the sound is amazing, camera angles of Lagos are beautiful. That being said well done to the team that put this together.

I’m aware that the storyline of this movie is based off a story on The Naked Convos. The story line so far is basic with no major suspense, and I already have a feeling that I can predict the end of the series. The series explores drug culture and BDSM which is a plus.

Hmm! The acting in this series is POOR! with the exemption of Oreka Godis who is an OK actress the rest of the cast needs to be scrapped. I adore some of the cast members but not as actors. I’ll say we go back to the drawing board for actors and if the current actors want to continue their roles, then I believe it’s time for acting classes.

#OBFW is an OK series that I’ll watch to while away time not because it’s intriguing. The actors can do better if the take acting classes. The directing can do with a little more improvement, especially for the camera angles. I like the storyline, but I want to see more depth.

Episode 1

Author: Vannie Beee

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