Hey Lovlies

I know we are all excited about the weekend and i hope you all are spending your weekends in a good way and taking that well deserved rest. Am at my usual weekend joint the library and i decided to kill time so here i am. Let me know how your weekend is going

How many of you have heard about this group called Bantu Collective, if you have not look out for my next post on the collective but hers a teaser. From the heart of Abuja 16 year old Tay producer,singer and also a member of the Bantu collective has released a single called “Spiritual” from his upcoming mixtape “Passport”. Tay is theĀ  next big thing guys with his attempt to mix RnB with Afro-Pop. Tay is set to take music to another level

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Here’s the Single!!! Enjoy


Author: Vannie Beee

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