Happy New Month people!!!!!!hope you all are having an amazing day!!!  but wait am i the only one who is beginning to dread monday, I used to be excited about Monday but not anymore because the stress is beginning to get to me and this Canadian weather is driving me crazy with all the heavy snowfall. Anyhoo enough of my Ranting. How was the weekend for you all….. let me know it the comments section….

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IMG_0379Hello people its another tasty thursday and i will be sharing another recipe.. This is like my to go recipe i really love Pancakes especially when they are fluffy.. Yummy..Yummy… can i see a grind on your face.. well here is a recipe i learnt from my mum with a little extra something here and there,





Vanilla Flavouring





Nutmeg (optional)

Baking soda


First sieve your flour

Place all dry ingredients int a bowl and stir together

Put your milk and about a teaspoon of softened butter and 2 eggs stir till everything is properly mixed

Gently add your dry ingredients to your liquid ingredients and stir till you reach the perfect light consistency.

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IMG_0395 - Version 2Wonderful readers of  journey with me hope you all are doing great?  Its wednesday already midweek and for those of us in school we are already in our 3 0r 4th week in school and midterm test are already calling our names ?. Todays post i will be addressing the wahala we young girls go through living far away from home and family. I believe this is not only for Nigerians but generally for anybody who finds themselves leaving far away from home.

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IMG_0380 Hey people i know i have been MIA for some days now but i have a valid excuse. I have resumed school and its becoming more demanding and thus i need to give it more time and unfortunately my blog has to suffer it but i will try to update everyday for as long as i can. Back to business the weekend generally started on a  great note. I had two classes on friday and a friend of mine celebrated her 19th birthday at a restaurant downtown,

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2Face-Smoking-January-2014-BellaNaijaHeyy People!! How is your day going am having a rather busy day jumping between classes and  meetings at the moment but have you heard what is happing in Lagos state.  A new bill has just been passed and awaits the governors signature to become a law.
You can see that Lagos state is actually moving to become a mega city and no one in Nigeria is even making an attempt to compete with them..

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