thHello Lovlies

Hope everybody is up to an Exciting week!!! am having some fun because it feels good to be back to school in a weird way though LOL !!! I saw this Movie titled “Kamara’s Tree” this weekend and i most commend the producers and director for a good one on this Movie.

This Movie was a collaboration between Nigerians and Sierra Leonans. The movie was Directed by Desmond Elliot and Produced by Morris Sesay.

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Hello Ladies!!

I think I have found something to spice up your week!! I don’t indulge in Designer shopping or High end Brands but that does not mean i don’t look out for their goods .. Okay yes sometimes I do let me be honest here.

“Blood & Bones” is the work of Bubu Ogisi who is a Nigerian Fashion Designer and creative director of label IamIsigo. According to Bubu the design was ”

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IMG_0345Fabulous People!!!

Hope every one had an exciting weekend and looking forward to an even better week. I definitely had an exciting week i was off school and i was able to follow Nigerian Politics which i must say has bee very adventurous and am looking forward to more adventure this week Lol !!

I had a pretty tough Friday and i will spare you all the details but am back on track even though am changing my diet from regular food to fiber based food and my body is reacting to it but o well its all for the best am working towards a healthier eating habit/lifestyle…

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Hey Fabs,

Hope you all are having a fantastic week, i guess i am because this week start off pretty exciting. As earlier said am off school this week, so am doing a lot of work for the blog and my youtube channel but yesterday night my friend and i decided to treat ourselves to our favorite Chicken Wings from Zak’s Dinner and my was it so good (Honey Garlic Wings) are the best anyday.

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Hello Beautiful people!!!!

I know i know i have been MIA but seriously school came calling with midterms which i am done with so yaaay!!! to a free week from school. Am a year older now so cheers to an extra year and Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday Wishes I love you Guys so much Muaaaah…

Valentines Day has come and gone and am itching to know how it went for everybody..

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