I lived in Nigeria for over 17 years before i moved to Canada. I moved here to get a better education which I am ever grateful to my parents for this amazing experience. I was fresh out of high school…

I know i disappeared on the dating game but believe me when I say its been a whirlwind of activities since my last post. I recently had a photo shoot for a friend, I am writing a business plan for a business, helping a friend manage her new business + school.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog am so grateful because you all keep me going….. cheers to many more posts and readers. Last week I wrote about dating and what it involves and the virtues we need to posses to make a relationship work.
Today we would be discussing the different types of guys out there based on my own research. Warning as usual these are the opinions of a twenty something year old lady with all that said lets dive in.