The Nigerian series scene has seen a boost in the last couple of years, and I’m excited for the future of tv shows in Nigeria. Here are 5 Nigerian series you should be watching at the moment because they are very relatable to the Nigerian lifestyle and they are overall amazing.

1) SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT (SGIT): If you do not know SGIT then you must have been under a rock for the last year. SGIT is the hottest series in Nigeria right now, it’s about Tiwalade’s struggle with her weight and trying to find love at the same time. Her hilarious mother and nosey sister make an appearance in this series. There are a lot of good looking men in this series so make sure to check it out HERE

2) THIS IS IT: I stumbled on this show a couple of months ago and its based off the life of a young married couple, how they create a balance in their marriage and relationships with friends and family. If you are young, you can relate to the issues the couple faced in their marriage and above all the show is well written. You can watch “This is it” HERE

3) 5IVE: 5ive is the story of Kelvin who returns to Nigeria from Liberia to start a new life but let’s just say Kelvin never got to start that new life. It shows the struggle of a returnee in Nigeria, and there’s a lot of twists and turns on the road. The script and storyline for this show are great, but I find the acting of the actors to be a bit lackluster however I’ll say still watch it. You can watch it HERE

4) HUSBANDS OF LAGOS: Husbands of Lagos was a hit from season 1, and they did an even better job with season 2 and now season 3 is due in April. The series follows the lives of particular husbands of Lagos how they treat the women in their lives and everything that has to do with being a man. They funny thing is we all know at least one character in the series trust me you do. Catch Husbands of Lagos on IROKOtv

5) RUMOUR HAS IT: Some people might agree or disagree with this one, but I believe this show is amazing, Ndanitv pls give us a season 2. The series follows the life of famous blogger Obi and how the story of her cheating husband broke out on the internet. The show has great actors and an amazing script make sure to watch it HERE

Author: Vannie Beee

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