Summer is over and school has already started or is fast approaching. I always dread returning back to school but over the years I have figured out a few ways to manage my time and stress properly. It’s important to have control of your time and stress that way you can achieve your maximum potential.
I’ll be sharing how I deal with Academic stress once the school stress begins to set in.

1) PRAYERS: As a christian we always hear how important it is to dedicate everything you do to God and over the years I have learnt to do it more often. Praying to God at the beginning of the school year always gives me this assurance that the big man up there has my back. I also pray when I am feeling stressed. Prayers have a way of making me feel relaxed, try it if you haven’t.

2) PAMPER YOURSELF : Once school starts I know our lives rotate around deadlines but its important to remember that we are humans not machines,even machines get a break once in a while. Go ahead and take out that time to pamper yourself it could be dinner, getting your nails done, sports, attending a concert/party. Do something to relax your nerves and come back to your deadlines. Your brain and mind will thank you later.

3)TAKE BABY STEPS: This is a vey hard one for me to abide by but i try my best to do this. Try not to cramp all your work to the last few weeks of school,your body will crash. Take baby steps by starting your reading activities way ahead in the semester in preparation for your final exams.Try it out you’ll be glad you did.

4) ASK FOR HELP : This has to be the best advice after prayers. Learn to ask your peers and friends for help when you are having difficulty understanding a concept.Its one of the easiest ways to ease yourself of the stress of not understanding a concept or theory taught in class. Plus your peers might do a better job than your teacher in terms of explaining the concept or theory.

These are the four things I do to cope with Academic stress and these have worked over the years. I wish all the first year students an amazing journey and to those of us who have been on this journey for a while best of luck with the new school year

Tell us you cope with Academic stress I’ll love to know
Here’s a quick video discussing how I deal with stress in depth

Author: Vannie Beee

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