I have had the ABH GLOW KIT for a while now, but I found out that I was not getting that highlight i saw on Instagram. I decided to do a little research on why I did not get that look, I figured out that I needed to spray my brushes with some fix plus to get that popping look we see on Instagram.
There are two different kits out at the moment but this kit fits women of colour more in my opinion.The other kit works better for the lighter sisters.
The highlighters have a very fine texture, they don’t apply lumpy which is always plus.

Golden Bronze, Dripping in Gold, Sunburst, Bubbly
Golden Bronze, Dripping in Gold, Sunburst, Bubbly

At $52 this is a definitely steal. The pans are full size and hold a lot of product, If you were sleeping on this kit go out and get it. I think this is limited edition too.
I really like this kit and its definitely a keeper in my collection

Author: Vannie Beee

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