Hey !!!!Hope you all had a great Friday to Kick in the first weekend in January  i kinda look forward to the weekend and i don’t because i start school on Monday Arrghhh, but all the same here is my Five top bloggers for 2013 and people you most likely want to follow in 2014.. Trust me they are so good Top of the list:
Jadore Fashion, Sisi Yemmie, Curves and curls, Naturally fashionable and Mirror me

1) Stella of Jadore Fashion
I cannot begin to explain stella’s fashion sense a whole post can be dedicated to her…. I love love her. She is one of the bloggers i know that made pregnancy look amazing you won’t believe she rocked her bumped and her bundle of Joy Baby Nolan so cute make sure to check her out here and follow her on Instagram

2) Sisi Yemmie of sisiyemmie.com
This is another of My Nigerian sisters with a good sense of Humour, if you need something to spice up your day check sisi yemmie here and her amazing stories about lagos living and little inserts of BOBO… She will definitely turn a bad day to a good one trust me
3) Ciaa of mycurvesandcurls.com
This is a good blogger for my plus size sisters. Yes Ciaa has a great fashion sense you wont even believe she is plus sized. Her fashion sense is so on point you have no choice but to love it !!! Follow her on instagram @ciaa and follow her blog here.. You will Love her
4) Kim of Naturally Fashionable
Kim is another plus size lady and believe you me she is FAB. she runs a blog and a youtube video and of course she is on instagram. Kim’s look is a look that both the young and the old can pull of am sure you all will like this. check out her blog  thenaturalfashionista.com and on instagram @naturallyfashionable
5) Fisayo Longe of mirror me
Fisayo is a very energetic and bubbly person this she reflects in her style and mode of dressing. Fisayo blogs about her fashion sense and her adventures which gives her blog a different look al together.. For that teenage/early adulthood vibe check here out mirrorme.me
Hope you all find this useful and follow my fave bloggers…… I didm”t realise this post was a bit long but guess what it was worth every minute…enjoy you all…
Happy New Year !!

Author: Vannie Beee

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