IMG_1385Hey Beauts.. Hope you are having a good wednesday i know we can almost her the bells of friday ringing. Today i am featuring some i love in the fashion industry  and its no other person but Stella Adewunmi of Jadore fashion. Stella has an amazing fashion sense and i love how she transferred that to her little boy Nolan who looks amazing in everything he wears. Below is the excerpts of an interview with Stella, Hope you enjoy it and check stella’s blog :
From where? Maryland, USA

• You can best be described as?

Calm, fashion enthusiast, shy

• You’ve been blogging fashion for how long?

Almost 5+ years

• High point of your experience as a fashion blogger and stylist?

The day I met several fans at an event in Lagos. – an euphoric moment

• Inspiration for your looks?

Arts, street styles, editorials and fashion magazines,

• You just finished graduate school. What next?

More time to devote to my blog, expand and continue to learn about fashion. I will love

to travel more and maybe, work towards a doctoral program

• You’ve been married for how long now and what’s the experience like?

I am been married for almost 3+ years and it has been great. I married my best friend and

everyday is a fun day.

• Favourite Designers? Chanel, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Marchesa, Alexander

Wang, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jewel by Lisa, Deola Sagoe, Maki Oh, Virgos Lounge

• Favourite place to shop? Zara, Topshop, H&M, Asos, Net-a-Porter, JCrew, Madewell

and anywhere with great things

• Last item purchased? As of today, Nichola Kirkwood pumps

• Oldest item in your closet: That is tough! I have this gray pleated skirt from when I

was 14

• Must have beauty products: I am not an expert on beauty products. I use MAC

cosmetics, Neutrogena & Cetaphil for face wash and cleanser

• If you were to raid one person’s closet who would that be and why

Living, I will say either Rihanna or the Ashley Olsen because of their edgy, eccentric, fun

and risk to style. Death, I will say, Jackie O or Coco Chanel for the classy style.

• Life philosophy? Live everyday like it your last

• Give us one style tip: A great pair stilettos and statement accessories can upgrade any

outfit. Your favorite color should be the color that looks great on you

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